Igniting Excellence

School Uniform

General Appearance and School Uniform

  • Weekly inspections will be held supervised by staff members appointed by the principal.
  • Girls should wear their hair away from their faces and fringes touching the eyebrows are not allowed.
  • No loose hair attachments may be worn.
  • Long hair may not be worn loose. Girls may only use elastic bands, hair bands and ribbons in the colours of their school uniform.
  • Styling gel may not be used.
  • Learners may not colour their hair.
  • Highlights are not allowed.
  • Boys hair must be short, no steps are allowed, no patterns cut into hair or scalp. The use of any form of styling gel is not allowed.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear any jewellery such as chains, rings or earrings, only wristwatches.
  • Girls may wear small, golden or silver studs or a small, thin, single earring in each earlobe.
  • Coloured stones may not be worn in the ears.
  • MEDIC ALERT discs are allowed.
  • In case of cultural practices, each case will be dealt with individually.
  • All clothes, school uniforms and sportswear must be clearly marked with the learner's name.