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Laerskool Akasia - 2019
Tyrique Brower


Last year we lost a friend, and classmate to a battle with cancer. This learner is not an ordinary learner but a special one, one who battled to come to school nearly every day, juggling school and his sicknesses. He fought hard for his life and conquired one sickness and got defeated by another. We should not remember him as a poor sick boy but a survivor and worrier, we shouldn't remember 17 December as a day of grief but as a day of celebration of a boy who lived a life with challenges and knocked down barriers. May his soul rest in peace.

First day of school


My first day of school was very exciting and I felt like I could burst out of joy and just imagen the little cutty ones crying like babies for their mothers and fathers. But the next day I was as busy as a bee. And I was so happy to meet my friends. I was so sad when I wasn't in class with my best friend. But I met a very good friend who cares for people. But I think we will have a good term and good luck to all the grades.

Laerskool Akasia - 2018


Revue is a great extra mural activity. It helps dance of all the stress that happened that day. Our practices for seniors Grade 4 - 7 on a Monday from 14:00 till 15:00. Our practices for juniors on a Wednesday from 14:15 till 17:00. We have finals at the State Theatre with other schools. Come and experience mind blowing talent and awesome tricks. Tickets are not expensive! Revue is spectacular and fun at the same time.

Fun walk


Dear parents and learners, if you did not attend the fun walk, sorry for you! We had lots of fun and got exercise. Kids got vouchers to eat at Spur for free as their mascots were there. The money raised from the price of tickets will contribute to getting our sport teams new uniforms. It was kind of like a 'buy 1 get 1 free' day. It would help the parents to get their kids off the couch but also to have fun. We hope you will join us again on the Sports day 2 June 2018. You do not want to miss out on that experience!

Akasia won the spirit trophy


It was a stunning day at Gerrit Maritz, 30 January 2018. In the morning the sky looked like it was going to rain. The schools that competed with Laerskool Akasia was the following: Theresapark Primary, Orchards Primary, Rachel de Beer, Danie Malan and Rosslyn Primary. They started with a prayer from Pastor Derick. The supporters cheer leaded their athletes and all the schools were loud. It was a fun day that everyone enjoyed. Laerskool Akasia won the spirit trophy and we were thrilled. Some schools went to their schools and some schools were very nice to congratulate Laerskool Akasia and everybody left joyous.

Keep going athletes


What a blast! Laerskool Akasia had fun at Gerrit Maritz and yes, at a point we lost our spirit but got it back eventually. Thank you on behalf of the school to the learners and athletes. It was not in vain because Laerskool Akasia won the spirit trophy. A special thanks to the following athletes: Tsosoloso Kganago who fell but decided to stand up and "keep looking forward". As well as Mosa Mochai, Tshegofatso Mashiane and Lebo Manzini. Athletes of Laerskool Akasia, please follow the sports code of conduct for a fair game: demonstrating sportsman leadership and thank God for the talent you have.



It was a beautiful day at Laerskool Akasia on the 19th of January 2018. The interhouse was held at our school, were the staff members were selecting the finalists for the athletics to represent our school. We had all the sports, lots of children bought icepops and slush puppies because it was an extremely hot day. I forgot my cap. There were no injuries. Everyone was happy with home clothes and sang songs and had fun. Lots of children won medals and nobody went home angry, it was a wonderful hot day to enjoy. I am looking forward to a day like that again next year.

First day of school


Excitement roamed around the halls. All you could hear were screams and screeches of learners, eager to know who their register teacher was. You could also hear some grade 1 learners crying, hoping their parents don't leave them behind in this big and new school. Well, to those grade 1 learners and all new learners, welcome to Laerskool Akasia. You will not regret enrolling in this school. Good luck to those who wish to achieve something in this academic year. Welcome back to school and remember - Egypt is the way to go:
E - Everything
G - Good
Y - Yearns
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